BrainSpace is not just a software house – we are the extension of your team, a full stack, Artificial Intelligence powered software development company with a strong focus in the energy sector.

Energy management is a triad of recording all relevant energy consumption data, analysing the information obtained, and comprehensive consulting on possible saving potential. We at Brainspace see the development of an energy management system as a holistic task which combines expert advice with intelligent hardware and software solutions to form a strong unit which is modular in design and therefore tailored to your requirements.


We help startups, enterprises and businesses to scale up by providing agile software development and closing the gap between strategy and execution.


BrainSpace is your reliable partner in the Artificial Intelligence world that will help you boost your business goals.

Brainspace delivers exceptional service, so you can focus on running your business.
Share your challenge with us, and our team of experts will work with you to deliver a digital product that will achieve optimal results for your company.


At BrainSpace, we combine talent, science and R&D to achieve customized business solutions for our business partners. Our team of engineers are some of the brightest minds in the industry, specialising in AI and machine learning for the energy sector. Sharing multiple awards and four PhDs between us, we are leading innovation and developing disruptive tech in the Green Energy field.

Talent, Science and R&D